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Zlatan Ibile Buys His Childhood Friend A Benz Car As Birthday Gift



rapper, Zlatan Ibile gifted a brand new Benz for his birthday to his childhood friend Louis, the head of media at Zanku Records.

Zlatan wowed many of his fans as he posted pictures of the throwback with Louis, who happens to be the media director for Zanku Records, the rapper’s record label.

The pair has obviously come together a long way, as singer Zlatan has taken to Instagram to share his friend’s pictures and video clips receiving the luxurious car.

Zlatan Ibile wrote about sharing the photo of the awesome birthday gift;

“The bedrock of friendship will never change from the art of not giving up on each other. It is a beautiful thing to do if both parties make it worth it irrespective of the distance. We have come a long way by virtue of this art.

Through the times and tides, distance and long spaces that may exist between us, I was sure to always count on your consistent spirit. You posses a silent drive which by now anybody who moves close to you will be aware of, this has enhanced the patient, peaceful and dependable friendship we got going.”


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