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YBNL singer, Asake teases new single, ‘Peace Be Unto You’



Asake, the red-hot YBNL artist, has shown no signs of slowing down as he teases fans with the teaser of his new single ‘ be unto you.’

YBNL singer, Asake teases new single, 'Peace Be Unto You'

YBNL singer, Asake teases new single, ‘ Be Unto You’

The artist who is currently enjoying time in the spotlight has teased his next release on his Instagram page. The single he tags ‘peace be unto you’ samples audio from a recently trending viral clip and it shows Asake’s desire to tap into social media to build on his fine form.

Since the release of his hugely successful and widely popular eponymous Ololade Asake EP, Asake has inspired an insatiable appetite for his music amongst listeners. Fully aware of his growing fame and the positive reception of his music, Asake has capitalized on this by releasing new singles.

He swiftly tapped MegastarBurna Boy for the remix of his single ‘Sungba’ whose remix has thrown the song further into the limelight. Just as fans were still enjoying the riveting ‘Sungba remix,’ Asake linked up with DJ Spinall for ‘Pallazo’ which is another explosive jam.


While other artists in his shoes might be overwhelmed by the urgency and demanding nature of their fame, Asake appears to be born and ready for the big stage. While the expectations might have led other artists to take a step back and reduce the frequency of putting out music in the pursuit of artistic clarity, Asake appears to have a bag full of hits at his disposal.

Judging from the reactions to the teaser, ‘peace be unto you’ promises to be another Asake masterclass. Asake currently has listeners eating from his palms and from all indications he has enough talent to keep feeding the increasing appetite of his music.


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