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World leaders and monarchs assemble to bid Queen Elizabeth her last farewell.



Global leaders and monarchs gathered in London on Monday to say goodbye to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at a state funeral with unmatched pomp and circumstance.

World leaders and monarchs assemble to bid Queen Elizabeth her last farewell.

World leaders and monarchs assemble to bid Queen Elizabeth her last farewell.

The ceremony celebrated the departure of a revered leader who, over her 70-year rule, brought the country together.

Numerous crowds lined the streets to watch the queen’s coffin be transported from the revered Westminster Hall to the adjoining Westminster Abbey and finally to Windsor Castle, where she will be interred alongside her late husband.

American President Joe Biden paid tribute to the 96-year-old, who served as the longest-reigning queen in British history during a time when her nation’s influence in the globe was waning.

People were standing on fences, ladders, and lampposts in the throngs that had travelled from all over Britain and beyond to see the royal procession.

On a public holiday set aside for the event, millions more people will watch at home on television because this will be the first time a British monarch’s burial is broadcast.

The audience, which at times stood 15 to 20 people thick along the Mall, one of London’s main ceremonial boulevards, was there.

Some people donned classy black dresses and suits. Others wore tracksuits, leggings, and sweatshirts. As they waited for the parade to start, a man in a morning suit stood next to a woman with dyed green hair.

64-year-old Alistair Campbell Binnings claimed he left his Norfolk home at midnight to travel to London.


“This is a one-off. We would only be here for the queen. We just felt we had to be here. She was what we always needed in a time of crisis,” he said.

The oak casket will be placed on a gun carriage and pulled by navy troops to Westminster Abbey for her funeral shortly before 11 a.m. (1000 GMT). It will be draped in the Royal Standard flag and have the Imperial State Crown perched on top.

Around 500 foreign leaders will be present among the 2,000 attendees, including Vice President Joe Biden, the Japanese Emperor Naruhito, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, and Cook Islands Prime Minister Mark Brown.

The two oldest children of the current heir to the throne, Prince William, Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, who are the great-grandchildren of the queen, will also be there.

Charles, Elizabeth’s son and the new king, in a statement said “as we all prepare to say our last farewell, I wanted simply to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those countless people who have been such a support and comfort to my family and myself in this time of grief.’’

At Balmoral Castle, her Scottish vacation home, Elizabeth passed away on September 8.

The monarch, who performed hundreds of official engagements far into her 90s, had been withdrawing from public life for months due to her deteriorating health.

But just two days before she passed away, she was captured on camera appointing Liz Truss as her 15th and final prime minister while appearing sickly and holding a walking stick.


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