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Work-from-Home (WFH) Survey launches on Workers day.



Covid-19 has since happened and with the lockdown of the past few weeks, a new work culture is upon us that may very well be our new reality.

This WFH survey, the first of its kind since the pandemic that altered the way we work, is expected to assist business leaders in understanding the benefits and challenges working professionals face as we adopt and adapt to working from in a post-COVID world.

The impact of the pandemic raises concerns of sustainability in business, and wellness, social interaction, and working remotely whilst parenting amongst many other factors that are likely to have a profound effect on our wellbeing, productivity, and outlook. Against this backdrop, all working professionals are invited to participate to enable us to obtain responses from as many individuals as possible to make more meaningful comparisons and insightful analyses that can guide organizations as they emerge from the current realities.

This survey is brought to you by HC Bonum, in partnership with Digital Jewels, AT3 Resources and DB Consulting, a consortium of leading consultants in the area of Performance Management, IT Governance, Data Analytics, Strategic Communications, and Human Capacity Building, as our contribution to the workplace ecosystem.  We seek to support leaders in decision making, professionals in adapting to the new world order and the economy is recovering from the effects of the coronavirus.

The release of the WORK FROM Survey is symbolic as it coincides with Workers Day, a day designated by the International Labour Organisation to celebrate workers. Your participation matters to us and we encourage you to take the survey now by clicking the link below.

Work-From-Home Survey


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