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WAEC raises registration price to N18,000.



The registration fees for its exams had to be raised, according to the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

WAEC raises registration price to N18,000.

WAEC raises registration price to N18,000.

The testing authority claimed that Nigeria’s spiraling inflation was to blame for the slight rise in the registration cost for its exam from N13,950 to N18,000.

Assuring its stakeholders that the recently completed 2022 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) will be released within 45 days of the conduct of the last paper, as has been the council’s tradition, the council vowed to keep improving the quality of its service delivery.

When Prof. Ato Essuman, the chairman of WAEC’s council, led a group to see Education Minister Adamu Adamu yesterday in Abuja, they made this statement.

Essuman asked the Federal Government for help in order to buy the excellent printing device that will aid WAEC in providing its services.

The gadget would cost $3.9 million, according to the chairman.

He added that three of the machines had already been purchased and that the building and all exterior work had been finished.

“As a responsible and responsive organisation, the council is always seeking ways of improving its service delivery to stakeholders.

“The Nigeria National Office embarked on the establishment of a Digital Printing Press for the printing of examination security materials, the first to be owned by the council in Nigeria.

“However, the project, which is nearing completion, has been stalled because we are not able to fund the acquisition of a particular machine that is vital to the operation of the system.

“I wish, therefore, to use this privilege extended to me today to request your kind intervention to enable us to secure the required financial assistance for the procurement of the machine,” he said.


In the 70 years that WAEC has been in operation, according to Essuman, Nigeria has stood out in the community of member states for not just fulfilling its duties but also for doing so enthusiastically and quickly.

Adamu vowed to see to it that the Federal Government helped the council carry out its mission.

During a visit to one of the council’s marking centres in Abuja, Mr Patrick Areghan, the head of WAEC’s Nigeria National Office, stated that there had been a little rise in WAEC costs due to the nation’s spiralling inflation.

He said: “There has to be that marginal increase to enable us to do better services. The examiners are now happy as we are able to increase their marking fees through this marginal increase.

“The money actually went for the payment of examiners to enable us to satisfy them so that they can do the job better.”

According to the WAEC spokesman, the registration fee has increased from N13,950 to N18,000 for each candidate.

Areghan responded that the council would only be able to implement the Computer Based Test (CBT) if the government could provide the infrastructure necessary to make it possible for it to conduct such exams.

According to him, WAEC administers exams in 76 subjects to more than 20,000 secondary schools nationwide.

Knowing that a candidate will present roughly eight subjects, he asserts that using CBT for such exams will be challenging.

Additionally, Mr Pateh Bah, Registrar of Council, expressed pleasure with WAEC’s duties.



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