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Untold Facts About Reggae Legend, Bob Marley



How much is Bob Marley’s net worth?

The Bob Marley was quite impressive, and reached a global musician’s height. Before his death his net worth was valued at $130 m.

How did Bob Marley’s cancer begin?

Marley was found to have a form of malignant melanoma under a toe nail in July 1977. Contrary to urban myth, this lesion was not caused solely by an accident during that year’s football match, but was rather a symptom of cancer that already existed.

How long has Cancer been on Bob Marley?

In 1977, he was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer which began from his toe and battled it until he died on May 11, 1981. In the meantime Bob Marley had four years of cancer.

How many biological children did Bob Marley have?

At the age of 36 Bob Marley had 11 biological children from seven different mothers before moving away.

Was He A Palm Reader Before He Started Singing?

Yes he was. At the age of four, folks discovered that when Marley read palms , his predictions would come true. He stopped reading palms at age 7, however, when he decided to become a singer As an adult, he reportedly told a woman who asked him to read her palm, “I’m not reading no more hand: I’m singing now.”


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