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Uche Ebere slams Lilian Afegbai claiming her age mentality may lead her to……



Actress Uche Ebere of Nollywood has insulted Lilian Afegbai, a younger colleague.

Uche Ebere slams Lilian Afegbai, claims her age mentality may lead her to......

Uche Ebere slams Lilian Afegbai claiming her age mentality may lead her to……

According to reports, Lilian Afegbai made a dig at the opposite gender are ready for marriage but do not own a home.

She criticized such males in a conversation with media personality Toke Makinwa for her podcast, Toke Moments.

She believes that any man doesn’t own a before getting married is doing something wrong.

She said, “Something is wrong with a man that doesn’t have a house in his name”.

Speaking about the kind of man she prefers, she said that a comfortable partner is more important to her than a wealthy one.


Her potential suitor must be able to provide for her basic requirements and own a and car.

“I am not looking for a billionaire. I am looking for a comfortable guy, be able to do basic things. Comfortable for me means have a house, and car”.

Uche Ebere responded by criticizing Lilian for her mindset.

She characterized her statement as meaningless and attributed it to her old-person mindset. She vowed that she might end up using money to marry a man when Lilian realized the harm of her statement.

“Age is disturbing her, that’s how they use to talk, till then we go know how far, her mentality will change, by then she has deceived a lot of gullible girls, then she will use her money to get a man, even if the man has nothing doing, senseless talk, ana akogheri”.



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