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Tonto Dikeh reveals what she was fed in her dream.



Tonto Dikeh, a actress, took to social media to reveal what she was given to eat in her dream.

The star has been all over social media for days due to her feud with her ex bestie, Bobrisky.

The two have been slamming each other and revealing some personal information.

Tonto, on the other hand, stated on that she felt disrespected after someone gave her a fishbone and eba to eat in her dream.

She reveals that her enemies are bankrupt, which is a slap in the face, and no one can tell her anything.

Tonto then stated that she had obtained and began sharing it with them.


Tonto has revealed that she is currently in a relationship with Christ, so she is no longer born again.

The mother of one said: “No publicity is bad publicity at the end of the day. I haven’t done work for a very long time, but I can tell you, I am one of the most relevant. I am born again by the way. My confidence comes from the fact that no man can do nothing to me that God has not said would happen. My believe in God gives me so much confidence, secondly, I am damn beautiful; thirdly, I have got a great body; fourth, I have got money; fifth, I use my platform to help all the people. All these qualities about myself made me a very bold woman.”


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