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Thief Falls Asleep During A Robbery Operation In A TV Presenter’s House



According to a report during an with East Radio journalist, Farouk Karim said that the thief had entered into his compound after jumping over his fence.

Farouk Karim said that the thief had stole clothes and shoes before setting his eyes on the car present in the compound.

Farouk said that he received a call from his neighbors after he went out for early morning exercises that a thief had barged into his house. When he got back home, he found out that the thief was sleeping inside his car.

Farouk further said;

“All the items he stole was found on his laps when i got there. He was able to get access into the car because it wasn’t locked and the he proceeded in the power window mechanism from the ’s side.

I guess as he tried removing the window mechanism from the ’s side, that was when he fell asleep.”

Farouk said that angry residents already prepared to carry out jungle on the thief but he cautioned them not to do it.

Then he immediately called on the police to take the thief away from the scene.


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