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The Untold Truth About The Man That Smashed His New Born Baby Girl On The Floor



At the point when an infant is conveyed its constantly a period of satisfaction and celebration in each family however not with Mr. Ezekiel Anorue who crushed his new little girl on the ground since his wife brought forth another give after 4 other infant young girls.

The multi year elderly person from Imo state severely crushed the new conceived infant and she passed on right away.

The spouse of Mr. Anorue raised caution when she saw that the child quit relaxing.

The man have been captured and is to be charged for fisrt degree murder.

The presumed executioner censured his better half for giving him bogus expectation.

Indeed, the spouse at various occasions disclosed to him that sweep results indicated that the infant she was conveying was a kid so when Mr. Anorue saw an infant young lady he was unable to remain calm and crushed the infant to death.

Mr. Ezekiel Anorue, the suspect.

The spouse in her own announcement said she needed to deceive her significant other in light of the weight was a lot on her to have an infant kid in the wake of bringing forth 4 young ladies as of now.

Indeed, in Igboland and numerous other African social orders a young lady youngster isn’t viewed as that significant in light of legacy and carrying on the family name.

Yet, this circumstance additionally has both conventional and lawful arrangements.

For instance in the some Igbo societies if a man cannot get a child yet has just little girls, the principal girl (Ada) will get pregnant from anyplace and bring forth a baby(hoping that it will be a kid).

At that point that infant turns into the child of the dad. Likewise in light of the fact that in Igbo land on the off chance that you didnt follow through on the lady of the hour cost on the leader of the mother, before an infant you fathered is conceived you have naturally lost the paternity rights. Also, the infant turns into an offspring of the dad of the young lady. (This is a surrogacy)

Mr. Anorue ought to have utilized this conventional choice.

Why most Igbo men demand kid youngster is a result of the legacy laws of Igboland.

A lady cannot acquire landed property and cant even deal a family land without a man from the family coming to finish paperwork for the family.

In this manner numerous men accept on the off chance that they pass on without a child that their landed properties is naturally moved to their siblings who are at freedom to give anything or nothing to the girls of the perished.

This one has a standard legitimate arrangement as of now on ground.

On Monday, April 14 2016, a Supreme Court judgment drove by Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour, voided the Igbo standard law, which denies little girls acquiring their dads.

The judgment read “Regardless of the conditions of the introduction of a female kid, such a youngster is qualified for a legacy from her late dad’s home. Subsequently, the Igbo standard law, which disentitles a female kid from participating in the sharing of her expired dad’s home, is a break of Section 42(1) and (2) of the Constitution”

Hence with this decision a young lady is naturally proportional to a kid, no compelling reason to execute your self over the issue of the sexual orientation of a child.


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