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Students urge the FG once more to abide by the demands of ASUU.



Some students called on the Federal Government on Tuesday to meet the demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) after its four-week extension.

Students urge the FG once more to abide by the demands of ASUU.

Students urge the FG once more to abide by the demands of ASUU.

They said that if their demands were met, the lecturers’ continuing strike would be put to an end, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

They claimed that the ongoing strike was improper for the education industry and that it has halted many students’ academic development and performance.

A student named Victory Adebowale described the walkout’s prolongation as discouraging. She claimed that the strike has badly impacted Nigerian students and lasted much too long.

“Our house rent expires during the strike and most landlords do not care, some students might lose interest in academic activities following the “Yahoo Yahoo’’ trend which is now rampant in the society.

“They might at the end of the day, see schooling as a waste of time and that schooling is a scam” he said.

Another student, Ruth Essanse, claimed that because the strike fell during her industrial attachment program, she wasn’t significantly impacted.

According to her, the union decided to extend the strike so that the government and ASUU would have ample time to consider potential solutions to the strike’s problems.

Essanse asserted that the prolonged strike was brought on by a lack of focus on universities and encouraged the Federal Government to ratify the 2009 renegotiated agreement, which was designed to improve university teaching and learning outcomes.

A student named Mr. James Mutudi claimed that the purpose of prolonging the strike was to get the Federal Government’s attention and get them to help ASUU with its demands.


She added that both students and lecturers had been impacted by the strike, and many of them had decided to take menial jobs in order to support their families.

“I feel so sad spending extra one month after the five months strike. The Government has failed us, they don’t care about our future and our educational sector,” he said.

In order to avoid being idle during the strike, Mutudi suggested his fellow students to use the time to learn new skills or start a business. He also mentioned that he was laying bricks.

Another student, Hope Opomu, emphasized that the Federal Government’s persistence in addressing ASUU requests was the reason for the extension.

“I won’t blame ASUU for extending the ongoing strike by four weeks if their demands were not meant,” she said.



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