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Shekau Weeps In A Newly Released Audio As He Seeks Protection Against Nigerian Soldiers



Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has cried profusely during a new audio, seeking protection of Allah against the firepower of the Nigerian military.

Of late, the Nigerian military has intensified offensive and recorded a series of successes against the Boko Haram terrorists on the fringes of Lake Chad .

In a 1:22 seconds audio obtained by Live News Nigeria, the Boko Haram leader spoke in Kanuri, seeking protection of Allah against the “devilish act” of Nigerian military, and said they’re facing difficulties during this Holy month of Ramadan.

“If it’s the devilish act and wickedness [of the Nigerian military], may Allah protect us from their evil. Oh Allah, keep us firm on your religion. We are poor things who ignoramus , oh our Lord, Allah.

“We deserted Izala people to practice Your true religion; we abandoned Tijjaniyya people to practice Your true religion; we deserted Shiah to practice Your true religion; we forsook our parents, uncles and aunties to practice Your true religion.

“It is due to your religion that we placed knife on Your servants’ necks; but today, they’re trying to vary us from one thing to a different . Oh Lord, have mercy upon under [the blessings] Ramadhan; Oh Lord, have mercy on under [the blessings] of Ramadhan (crying profusely).

“Oh Allah give us victory over our enemies. Oh brothers, for Allah’s sake, obey Allah and help me with prayers. This doesn’t mean i’m angry.

“May Allah keep us firm on the Qur’an. Allah knows best. Peace and blessings be upon the Prophet of Allah and every one thanks be to Allah,” Mr Shekau sobbed.

In a reaction to the audio clip, Bulama Bukarti, a person’s rights lawyers and conflict analyst who has studied Boko Haram for over a decade, said “this is that the first time we heard Shekau cry during this way.”

According to Mr Bulama, the audio suggests that something terrible is occurring to the Shekau faction of Boko Haram.

“The Shekau we are wont to may be a bombastic, ruthless gangster that ridicules, mocks and chortles at his victims. This audio is sort of unusual. It suggests that the group is under immense pressure that threatens its existence. Anything which will make Shekau sob must be a significant existential threat and that i think it’s the Nigerian Army’s ongoing onslaught.

“The army has been releasing news and photos of their successes and Boko Haram itself has lately been releasing eulogies to dead fighters. that’s what made Shekau wail during this audio. He thinks it’s hard to survive this one,” Mr Bulama said.

He however noted that the audio doesn’t suggest that the Boko Haram leader is surrendering and seeking negotiation.

“But make no mistake that he would never backtrack , he won’t surrender. He would rather die fighting. because the clip indicates, he’s as committed to his cause as ever. And history has taught us that Boko Haram is capable of weathering storms and bouncing back from serious defeats. Therefore, I suggest that the Nigerian Army should push on; it’s not time to relax. it’s time to do even more,” he added.


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