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Scam Alert: FGN relief disbursement collation form is not real



A faux Federal of Nigeria alleviation disbursement collation form is trending online, with many questioning the form was truly created by the government.

Due to the ongoing throughout the country, many Nigerians are presently expectant of a form of alleviation disbursement from the FG.

Some fraudsters have determined to use the chance to create a fake google form that claims to be created via the government.

Taking to Twitter, Tolu Ogunlesi the Special Assistant to President Buhari on Digital & New Media, advised the public in opposition to filling such forms. He wrote;

“Someone sent this to me asking if genuine. GoogleDocs form.

Fill it at your own risk.

The only people who will ask you to supply banking details etc on a random online form are SCAMMERS.

Don’t let anyone collect the little you’re managing. STOP GIVING OUT SENSITIVE INFO!!!”

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