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Regina Daniels Stuns Her Fans With Her Big Baby Bump



Nollywood actress Regina Daniels finally set an ablaze to her Instagram page by dropping her baby bump into a video and photos.

She posted a video of herself in a recent post getting ready to take a photo-shoot with her baby bump. According to her, she is still unable to believe that she is pregnant as she tends to talk to her tummy almost daily, wanting to believe that she is really pregnant.

In her first pregnancy, Regina Daniels expressed her joy as she explains that the feeling of becoming a mother is the most stunning journey of her life. She added that her baby is about to turn her into a mother and change her life too.

She caption the video saying;

“I have never been this happy before. This feeling of becoming a mum is the most amazing journey of my life…. I see myself speaking to my tummy all day, staring at the mirror and still ’t believe it. This child is about to change my entire life. Oh! How much i can’t wait.”


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