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Regina Daniels Accused Of Attempting To Abort Ned Nwoko’s Baby



A named Facebook user Chris Uche has made some wild allegations against Billionaire Regina Daniels’ wife.

Regina Daniels is doing everything for her Billionaire husband to abort the child she is carrying, according to the netizen. This statement came after some of Regina Daniels came across at the gym by Chris Uche, gymnasizing vigorously.

Chris couldn’t find out why a pregnant woman should do it in the gym because she knows she’s at risk of losing her if she pressures herself this way, and Regina ‘s plans to terminate her pregnancy have come to the conclusion.


He wrote:

“Regina just wanted to force that baby out…she knows what it is doing. She doesn’t want to be pregnant for that man but just married to enjoy the money. If you abort that baby with that exercise, i will pray for God to take your life with that innocent baby”.


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