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Read What Illbliss Told Clarence Peters The Day Picture Kodak Died



Nigerian Singer, Illbliss cleared the air around the suspected arrest of Clarence Peters, a friend and business associate, over the death of Kodak, a video vixen.

Leaks have it that the vixen died while on set with the famous video director but the rapper on Nigerian Info in an interview with Collins Teke said Clarence did not work when the incident occurred.

“Clarence hasn’t shot any music video since the end of February. He kept the entire office shut down; he kept clients at bay. There were even TV commercials to but he didn’t touch any. Clarence just said, let us be careful with this COVID situation[sic]. We used to even make jest on the phone that you (Clarence) have now become a COVID consultant.

The musician maintains that Clarence has nothing to hide and to throw away years of hard work would not be irresponsible. “Clarance himself went to police,” Illbliss told Collins.

“He called me the morning after this happened and I told him to follow due process, get an autopsy report and Clarence went ahead.”

“We’re a very mindful company. The Health and Safety procedures are scary. Sometimes I tell Clarence that we’re behaving like a factory, every time we’re looking at wires, we’re looking at this, we’re always trying to protect staff.”

The rapper regretted the statement released by the police claiming that this was a murder investigation calling it a “dumb stupid comment” that was “not founded on evidence.”

“You wake up and in a week, you tarnish so many years, over a decade of hard work. What about the brands we work with, did you guys think about this?”

Illbliss also blamed “the media” for the derogatory articles written about Peters and hopes that they can “hold the same enthusiasm when the autopsy report comes out and Clarance is free to go.”

The video director himself had explained in an Instagram post that he was not under arrest by the police. He detailed the sequence of events that led to him being kept in Police custody.


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