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Read Peruzzi’s Full Statement In Response To The Rape Accusations Against Him



In response to the allegations of rape against him, Nigerian singer Tobechukwu Victor Ojoh popularly known as Peruzzi has issued a statement.

In Peruzzi ‘s statement, it revealed that the lady who claims he assaulted her in 2012 has never been raped or assaulted. He claims the allegation is false and a witness who the accuser claims was present also refuted the claim.

However, the singer condemned rape saying that he does not condone it is heinous and cowardly act. He also apologized about 8 years ago for the tweets he posted claiming he was a rapist. He called the tweets irresponsible and misinformed and is also not a reflection of who he was at the moment or who he is.

He went on to sympathize with victims and survivors of rape.

See full statement released by Peruzzi on the rape allegation below:


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