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Reactions to the footage of Korra Obidi’s daughter’s head injury



New information has come to light on how June, the of American dancer Korra Obidi, suffered a brain injury while playing with her estranged husband Justin Dean.

Reactions to the footage of Korra Obidi's daughter's head injury

Reactions to the footage of Korra Obidi’s daughter’s head injury

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the 28-year-old mother of two said the girl was hurt while under her ex-supervision husband’s because he was using her to promote his bonnets.

Korra bemoaned the fact that June’s head injury was reason enough for the school administration to send her home.

In response to Korra’s allegations, Justin refuted them in a recent video. June was also recorded claiming that she was hurt at both her mother’s and her school.’

A vlogger released an alleged video of the three-year-old getting wounded in her father’s home amid the back and forth between the split couple.


While playing with Justin Dean, June was seen in the video falling flat on her face.

Fans have responded to the charges and refutations.

Ju Cobu said: “He needs to put the girls B4before trying to make money from live videos. They did not check her,, all about the money. How low will they go..ijs”

Pamela plaza John wrote: “If it was Kora who did that I’m sure he would of called child protection for her. He didn’t mean for her to get hurt but is the lies and blaming her school.”

Linda DiamondLin Bright said: “Wow, and he lied to Korra.”



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