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Pastor Chris Okotie Rejects Guidelines For Reopening Of Worship Centres



Chris Okotie, the founder of the Household of God Church, rejected the guidelines issued by the state government of Lagos for the reopening of worship centres.

The Lagos state government announced on Thursday that it will resume religious activities in two weeks ‘ time.

While on 19 June Muslims will return to mosques, on 21 June Christian worship would start.

The state government also announced certain guidelines for facilitating the reopening of worship centers and curbing the spread of COVID-19.

They include the obligatory use of face masks; restriction of for people below the age of 15 and over 65, while gatherings should not exceed one hour.

But in a statement, Okotie rejected the guidelines saying that the “fulfillment of the prophecy of the Bible” against the church is already being played out and that rearranging the way of worship of the church is “to deny God the divine prerogative of congregational worship”

Citing how the Bible destroyed Dagon, the god of the Philistines, he said the coronavirus would likewise be annihilated.

However, while his church awaits the virus’ defeat, he said its doors will remain closed until “the Emperor of heaven has pulverized this profanation and secularization.”

In his statement, he said;

“Beloved, yesterday, the abomination of desolation took a giant towards standing in the holy place. Fulfillment of bible prophecy is being accelerated by the forces of Janes and Jambres,” he said.

“To reorder temple worship is to deny God the divine prerogative of congregational adoration and the holy genuflects of the saints in light. Let no man’s heart be troubled by the vengeance of satanic antagonism.

“Dagon the god of the philistines fell in obeisance before the Ark of God. Coronavirus, the god of Secular Humanism will be decapitated in like manner.

“Our doors will remain closed until these profanation and secularization have been pulverized by the Emperor of heaven. Unto him shall the gathering of the people be. To thy tents O Israel.”

The clergyman had previously criticized the proposed guidelines offered to the federal government by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) as “unbiblical.”

According to CAN, the guidelines will decide the churches’ operations when they reopen, in line with the government’s efforts to tackle the COVID-19.


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