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Opeyemi Falegan complains over Nkechi’s Netizens reaction.



Opeyemi Falegan, Nkechi Blessing’s ex-lover, described Netizens’ reactions to his comment about the as “double standard.”

Opeyemi Falegan complains over Nkechi's  Netizens reaction

Opeyemi Falegan complains over Nkechi’s Netizens reaction

Falegan claimed that the actress disparaging remarks about him but did nothing about it.

He was perplexed as to why his statements about her were being vilified.


“When she said I was a two-minute man, it was normal to everyone,” he says.

“When she said I was jobless, it was normal to everyone.

“When she said she fed me it was normal to everyone

“But when I revealed a little of her secret I became the bad one. Why the double standard?”
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