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Nigerian Electricity Staffs Threaten To Go On A Strike



The Senior Staff Association of and Allied Companies(SSAEAC) has decided to embark on a fresh strike.

The -General, Abubakar Dubagari, issued the threat Friday in a tweet.

This followed the letter in which the Chairman, Chris Okonkwo, was sacking.

On April 24, Umar Mohammed, Managing Director of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), released a letter firing Okonkwo.

Okonkwo was the general manager of the organization, with special duties.

The letter reads: “After servicing TCN for a period of about six years, please be informed that your political posting had lapsed by June 11, 2018 and you should have ceased from coming to work from June 12, 2018. Consequently, you are to stop coming to work with immediate effect.”

Dubagari reacted, warning the TCN to reverse the threat.

The syndicate vowed to mobilize all available legal and industrial machinery to resume pending industrial action.

They announced that the appointment ending was not under Mohammed’s prerogative.

The official said it would be within the power minister’s remit, according to the rules and procedures laid down.

“His appointment, like any other employee of TCN, was anchored on the public service rules of 60 years of age or 35 years of service and does not carry tenure. His service with TCN cannot be said to have lapsed since June 11, 2018,” Dubagari said.

The scribe recalled the involvement of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Jobs, Federal Ministry of Control, Trade Unions Congress (TUC) and other bodies.

SSAEAC has told TCN that it has instructed the parties to preserve the status quo.

He called for restraint, adding the union was keen on working with the in a harmonious way.


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