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Nigerian Celebrities Quiz to Test Your Knowledge



How well do you know some of Nigeria’s biggest celebrities and their work? If you are a true connoisseur of Nigerian entertainment, these questions shouldn’t pose a big problem to you. Your knowledge will be put to the test in 10 entertaining trivia quizzes. Do not be afraid to complete them all at once.

1. Which artist’s real name is Azeez Fashola?


2. Which of these artists is the son of a popular rights Lawyer


3. Which of these artists sang these lyrics, “”Love is sweet oh/When money enter, love is sweeter”


4. Who played the role of Sarah Duru in the hit Nigerian series, “Blood Sisters”


5. Which of these artists played a role in the Nigerian movie, King of Boys


6. Who played the lead role in the musical eponymous film, Ayinla


7. Which of these films did Banky W play a lead role in?


8. Which Nigerian Label released the collaboration album, Curriculum Vitae?


9. Which of these female artists has a sister who is also a singer?


10. Which of these artists used to go by the stage name, Lil Prinz


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