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Nigeria requires a morally upright leader – Zik’s wife



Professor Uche Azikiwe, the late Nnamdi Azikiwe’s wife and a former premier of the Eastern Region, has advised Nigerians to vote for a presidential candidate possesses the moral character and managerial skills necessary to lead the nation.

Nigeria requires a morally upright leader - Zik’s wife

Nigeria requires a morally upright leader – Zik’s wife

Azikiwe, in an interview with the newsmen, said she was ready to support any of the candidates would put an end to insecurity and poverty.

She said, “Nigerians should look out for someone has the integrity and capability and stamina to lead Nigeria. And I think that is what people see in Obi. It however depends on the choice of every individual. We just can’t say everyone must vote for Obi. If you know that you won’t vote for Obi and you see a reason not to, that is your choice.

“Personally, all I want is the best for Nigeria. Anyone who will stop insecurity, poverty and all sorts of indices that often make people avoid Nigeria, I am totally in support of the person. If it is Obi, let him come and if it is Atiku, so be it.”


The Don also stated her late husband compromised at different times for the sake of Nigeria’s unity, adding that Nigerian leaders should take a cue from him.

“ My husband compromised for the sake of Nigeria’s unity. That is his legacy. Anytime there is anything that would lead to a problem, he would give up, provided the country is one and there is peace. For someone to have fought the British; when it was time to become the Prime Minister, he found that it was not possible and that it would lead to the disintegration of Nigeria.

“The North said they were not ready, the West said, it was a geographical compression. But because he wanted that Independence, he said he wouldn’t mind being the ceremonial president. Peace and unity are what have been keeping Nigeria together. Our leaders should learn how to compromise. If you know what you are pushing for is going to cause disunity, then drop it and go for what will keep us together.”


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