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Mummy Wa tells KFN about the type of man she desires.



Kemi Ikuseedun, better known as Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama), a popular actress and skit maker, has revealed the type of man she wants to settle down with.

Mummy Wa tells KFN about the type of man she desires.

Mummy Wa tells KFN about the type of man she desires.

This comes after her relationship with her colleague Adebayo Ridwan, better known as Isbae U, came to an end.

“My turn off in a relationship is dishonesty and lack of respect. I also look out for someone that is hardworking, supportive, loving and caring basically.”

Mummy Wa, who attended Afolarin Memorial Nursery and Primary School in Orile and went on to Queen’s College Yaba Lagos, as well as Bells University of Technology and Unilag, reveals how men sexually harass women in the entertainment industry.

“I think every girl has faced sexual harassment in Nollywood, even a girl that is not so freaky has been sexually harassment. The way people talk to you, things that people send to you and some little physical things that has happened before. Some very stupid guys have tried to do some certain things. This art industry sef is just hidding a lot of them, that’s the truth. A lot of people want to be actors, actresses and some men in the industry are taking advantage of girls and it goes the other way too but I feel like guys do not complain as much as ladies.


Maybe a female producer or director says something to them, they don’t complain, they like it but you know girls, we are more sensitive to things like this and it’s more on us actually. Everybody has faced that. In this acting industry, a lot of girls have faced that, she said. 

When asked if she change anything about herself if given the chance, Kemi Ikuseedun, who has the right curves in the right places, said yes, “I don’t think there’s anything to change about myself. Sometimes, I might feel depressed by the fact that I don’t like the attention I get because of the way I look but at the same time, there are days that I actually do feel sexy and love the way I look even if people look at me with their lustful eyes but I like myself and I don’t think there’s anything I want to change.I think I’m perfected created the way I’m supposed to be.”


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