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Monalisa Stephen reveals how she had diabetes since she was young.



Monalisa Stephen, a Nollywood actress and body positivity advocate who appeared to be depressed a few days ago has revealed that she has been battling Diabetes since she was a child.

Monalisa Stephen reveals how she had diabetes since she was young.

Monalisa Stephen reveals how she had diabetes since she was young.

The TV star, who stated on her Instagram page that she prefers to date older men, revealed that she is gradually recovering and has been dealing with trolls who leave a lot of negative comments on her social media pages.

Ms Stephen wrote that she told the truth about her struggles: “Over the week there have been wrong misconceptions/Talks and I would have ignored but I owe it to my family and friends and women who actually look up to me to tell “MY TRUTH.

What happened to me have got nothing to do with “ BODY POSITIVITY “ it’s Farrr from it .

Have had my own share of the struggle/suffering( I came from Nothing) so I work really hard to get here and I will work harder. Over the years I have grown a thick Skin. When trolls come for me sometimes I am thinking of my next meal or my next content . Sometimes I am struggling with how not to go completely blind due to complications from Diabetes which I had since I was 10 years old. Then some other stuff and TInnitus .(you don’t want to have that trust me )But I understand people just wanna troll you without not thinking what you may be going thru. I was suicidal due to this ugly incident but I am not Depressed.

I was just unfortunate to meet Evil and I am glad that I am healing.”

The plus-size model had previously stated in her message that she was “tired of being betrayed because she trusts too much.”

She also stated that she was prepared to “quit.”


Many people who saw her post are concerned about the actress, and they have asked her friends and family to check on her.

In the message, she wrote “This moment before my departure. I feel more clarity than I ever felt. Finally, I will be free, I will be free from all the voices, from the pain and you.

“I can’t stand the betrayal, I trust too much and too quickly. This is not what I want, but I can’t help it. I am just too weak and so I quit.”

A few hours after posting the message, Monalisa’s management posted a statement claiming that it was written in one of her “down moments”.

The statement also stated that Estolafrica would manage her affairs until they determined she was fit to return to the social scene.

This news comes just a few months after the actress revealed that she has been a victim of bullying her entire life, dating back to her secondary school days.

She claimed she was frequently body-shamed because she was the only fat girl in her class. The challenge inspired her to launch the “Love Yourself Movement,” which aims to help others appreciate who they are.


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