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Mo Sallah pushes Egypt to quarter-final in a penalty shoot.



The Round sixteen of the Ivory Coast vs Egypt match ends in a draw as Mohamed Sallah pushes Egypt to the quarter-final in a penalty in the AFCON Cameroon 2021 race.

Mohamed Salah plays a huge role in tonight’s match as he wins a shootout after Eric Bailly has a weak penalty saved which ends in (4-5).

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There were lots of opportunities, but no goals were scored in a 120-minute contest, thus it had to be decided from the penalty spot.

Eric Bailly stepped up after each team had two flawless penalties. His run-up was ridiculously short, and Gabaski had no choice but to tip the ball into the woodwork.

Salah had the opportunity to be the hero since no one else had scored, and he didn’t miss. In the quarterfinals, Egypt will play Morocco.

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