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Mike Tyson Refuses To Include Anthony Joshua’s Name Among Top 5 Boxers



dismissed double-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua while remembering Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder’s preferences in his top five favorite boxers.

Fury, in a rematch with Wilder recently won the WBC heavyweight belt, has always earned Tyson’s admiration since his return in 2018, and the former American heavyweight said he ‘respects’ the Gypsy King.

However, when mentioning his favorite current fighters he did not mention Fury’s next possible opponent and rival heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua.

‘I respect Tyson Fury, I respect Deontay Wilder, I respect all of those guys,’ Tyson explained on his own podcast, Hotboxin’.

Andy Ruiz also, this guy named (Vasyl) Lomachenko – he’s a f****** animal, man. He’s a master, it’s like he’s dancing.

‘There’s also Gervonta Davis, there’s quite a few guys that are good fighters.’

Tyson went on to say that boxing has become a very ‘partisan’ sport and argued that the promoters don’t encourage the best to go against each other into the ring and give the fans the fights they want to see.

He added:

‘The situation is whether they will fight each other. Promoters are not allowing them to fight each other. I’d love to see them fight each other but the promoters don’t want to do it.’

‘It (boxing) is very political now. That’s why I think in the next months or so you’re going to find that there are some new players in the game and it’s going to get really serious.’


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