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Man Beats Wife To Coma, Threatens To Beat Her Again If She Regains Consciousness



A man known as Egwu Francis Emmanuel allegedly beat his wife, Mrs Ezinne to Coma in the suburb of the village of Amachara, Ebonyi State.

“This incident is a regular event in the area, according to an eye witness who couldn’t complain to the police for fear of being murdered by the culprit who is reportedly notorious for cult-related activities.

Even the wife is afraid of running away from the marriage, as she worries what her fate may be. She lies in coma in the Afikpo Medical Center as I talk to you now.

And the husband is still bragging outside the hospital to pounce on her as she regains consciousness immediately. If I see who can have the courage to report this young man to the police, then I would be most grateful.

He does all this because he is a Barrister to his immediate elder brother and he believes that nothing will happen to him. So, I appeal for well-meaning Nigerians to come to her rescue, especially organizations that fight domestic violence.

The pair, who married on 24th December 2015, are blessed with two children.

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