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Man accused of raping teenage girl threaten mother with gun.



A man has been accused of raping a teenage girl and then threatening her mother after she reported it to police, according to arrest records.

According to Police, The man assaulted the girl with a young child present.

Mychel LeKieth Coleman, 29, was arrested Monday and charged with sexual assault of a child and retaliation, jail records show.

Police said Coleman showed up to the house of the victim’s mother with a gun on May 26, the same day she and her daughter were going to meet detectives to provide a statement about a sexual assault.

An arrest affidavit states the victim, who is a minor, was sexually assaulted by Coleman on Dec. 31. On the day of the assault, the girl told police she let Coleman in the house because he “would always go over,” the affidavit states.

Coleman had a young child with him at the time, police said, and he placed the baby down with a bottle before the assault.

The girl told her mother about the assault sometime in May.

Police said on the day the victim and her mother were going to provide statements, the mother called a detective and told them Coleman somehow got into their house.

Coleman, who had no shirt on, had a gun along his waist, police said. He told the mother he was upset about the sexual assault case that was made against him and denied it happened.

The affidavit states he grabbed his gun and made threats toward the mother. He fled before police arrived, according to records.

Coleman’s bond was set at $115,000 following his arrest.


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