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Lockdown: Tinubu tells FG to pay Nigerians through their BVNs



Former Lagos state governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu says the excellent way alleviation cash can be given to Nigerians is with the aid of crediting them by means of their account numbers with the use of the BVNs.

Tinubu, who is now the national leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress(APC) delivered that the use of the BVN would provide a greater secure and handy way of attaining out to Nigerians who are presently under lockdown.

“The money-less household nevertheless wishes food, water, safe haven and, to a lesser degree, utilities. In a compassionate society, they must no longer be made to do without.

“Most households want relief. If alleviation is no longer forthcoming, these households threat starvation and its attendant struggling and woes,” Tinubu said.

“First, we can designate a stipend for each and every household. The quantity have to be adequate to pay for the month-to-month desires of an ‘average’ family for meals and different basics.

“While this might also incredibly penalise large families, perfection can’t be had at this time.

“Second, the stipends should be given as a structure of emergency unemployment insurance plan to these who can show they had been relieved of employment due to the crisis.

“This will be greater centered at the genuine victims of the disaster however more difficult to administer. This stipend will additionally have to be prolonged to proprietors of small and medium-sized businesses.

“Third, the authorities can render some structure of payroll guide to businesses and corporations that are seeking to keep employees albeit they might also now not be totally employed.

“The stipend can assist businesses remain in operation whilst retaining people on their payroll. By keeping workers, the corporation can greater rapidly return to full operation when normalcy returns.”


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