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Lockdown: OPPO Care Initiative Feeds 1,000 Vulnerable Families



OPPO Mobile Nigeria has recently launched the ‘OPPO Care’ initiative as a humanitarian measure to help alleviate the pain and difficulties currently experienced by low-income households in Lagos, especially those families who have to rely on the daily earnings of breadwinners who can no longer work due to the lockdown.

As Nigeria struggles to arrest the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has been faced with an outcry among low income/wage earners who can no longer afford to feed themselves. These people have little or no savings to fall back on this period and cannot work to earn a living due to the lockdown. In order to support the government’s efforts in providing for the most vulnerable Nigerians, OPPO Nigeria is partnering with the Lagos Food Bank to feed 5,000 people within 1,000 family units.

The overall expectation for the initiative is to provide more food items in the form of relief items to ensure that no one starves during the lockdown period. In a bid to show that OPPO Cares, OPPO Mobile Nigeria is using the OPPO Care Initiative to take social responsibility by alleviating the hunger struggles among the displaced, impoverished, and less privileged, and as such creating avenues to generally improve their standards of living.

Despite being a Smartphone brand, humanity and social good remain humane at the core of the OPPO brand values, and as such, the company will continue to proactively and continually seek out new ways to live out its slogan “designed for life”.

The Public Relations Manager of OPPO Nigeria, Joseph Adeola, in his remarks emphasized that OPPO decided that releasing insight-driven communications across the brand’s social media pages to urge and inform the public on effective ways to combat the pandemic was not enough, they wanted to go a step further by playing a part in the effort to defeat the systematic hunger caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria.


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