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KieKie receives royal welcome as she arrives at Bowen Unversity,get new appointment.



Nigerian comedian, content producer, and actress Bukunmi Adeaga – Ilori, popularly known as Kie Kie, was greeted royally when she returned to Bowen University.

KieKie receives royal welcome as she arrives at Bowen Unversity,get new appointment.

KieKie receives royal welcome as she arrives at Bowen Unversity,get new appointment.

This comedian was named Bowen University’s Brand Ambassador.

KieKie celebrated her new accomplishment by posting it on Instagram.

She described the accolade as mind-blowing and wonderful, despite the fact that the school was under lockdown.

For her, this sweet gesture felt strange, and she couldn’t believe her wish had come true.

KieKie stated that the love she was shown was genuine and powerful.

“I went back to my Alma mater, but this time as the Brand Ambassador of the great institution; BOWEN UNIVERSITY! This honour is both mind-blowing and rewarding. The entire school was on standstill to welcome me and I just couldn’t believe it. The love was real and intense, I felt it to my borne marrows! What an honour to be celebrated in this manner!

It was such a great experience chatting with the students from various departments, and seeing how much development my great school has undergone, I mean BOWEN university now has Smart hostels, a Law college, a Medicine College and my department of Specialization, Communication Arts! Naaaa! I’m more than impressed with what the management and staff of Bowen University have done to continually ensure that this great institution remains a top-notch learning Center without leaving out life-changing experiences. Meanwhile, e do pain me pe they now allow Camera phones after Me I graduate finish.


I’ll like to say a big thank you to the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joshua Ogunwole, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Atobatele Oluwatosin and the rest of the Administrative staff for doing such an incredible job. And special thanks to Mrs Ayuba for making my stay on campus a memorable one. Ladies and gentlemen men! I present to you, the BRAND AMBASSADOR of BOWEN UNIVERSITY!!!”


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KieKie recieves royal welcome as she arrives at Bowen Unversity,get new appointment

It was recalled that KieKie had reacted to the epic fall she had at an event.

KieKie experienced an uncomfortable moment when she fell off the stage during an award ceremony.

The actress, who was one of the Trendupp Award winners, had a pleasant night transformed into an awkward moment when she fell off the stage.

KieKie denied falling off the stage in response to the news.

Everything was all a hoax, she said, and it was all orchestrated.

“That caption rea: the moment KIEKIE pranked the Audience! Weren’t you at the event? I love the playback effect tho! Makes you look pathetic with your attempt! Me I wee not fall down in Jesus name”.


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