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Kate Henshaw claims Varsities won’t strike if politicians kids schools in Nigeria.



Veteran actress Kate Henshaw has charged politicians of showing “nonchalance” toward the students’ predicament.

Kate Henshaw claims Varsities wont strike if politicians kids school in Nigeria.

Kate Henshaw claims Varsities won’ strike if politicians kids schools in Nigeria.

Concerns have persisted regarding the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) seven-month-old strike.

The gym enthusiast criticized the Federal for keeping the universities closed after months of negotiations between the two parties proved unfruitful.

Henshaw questioned if colleges would have been closed for even one day if politicians’ kids had been attending local schools.


The actor stressed the need of every young person casting an informed ballot in the upcoming elections after being even more incensed by the recent celebration of President Buhari’s daughter-in-law, Zahra Buhari, receiving a first-class degree from an international university.

She wrote: “If their children were schooling here, do you think the Universities will be shut for even one day??

“Instead they rub it in your faces that they don’ care while they celebrate with glee the graduation of their children in the abroad. VOTE WISELY!!”


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