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Just In: Report shows that Airtel defeated MTN in…



Despite the fact that MTN Nigeria controlled 38.9% of mobile subscribers in Nigeria as of Q2 2022, with 74.1 million subscribers compared to 46.0 million for Airtel, report have shown that the latter defeated the former in internet speed.

Just In Report shows that Airtel defeated MTN in...

Just In Report shows that Airtel defeated MTN in…

Statistics from Speedtest Intelligence, which examined the performance of four mobile service providers in terms of internet speed across ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa and was released by Ookla Insights, indicates that Airtel will offer faster median download and upload speeds in Nigeria in Q2 2022

Nairametrics explained that in Africa, the four providers chosen for the tests are, Airtel, Orange, MTN, and Vodacom—control a combined 62% of all subscriptions. The top 10 nations make for 59% of the connections in the region.

Head-to-head performance between Airtel and MTN across the three countries they operate in, put Airtel ahead in Nigeria, both in terms of median download and upload speed in Q2 2022, while in Uganda and Rwanda there were no winners.

Airtel Nigeria recorded a median download speed of 30.35 Mbps and a median upload speed of 10.28 Mbps, both of which topped those of MTN (26.30 Mbps download and 9.13 Mbps upload).

These speeds are expected to grow as a result of significant network infrastructure investments made by both firms, totaling N208.5 billion ($502 million). An improvement in 4G Availability also results from the expenditure. MTN had 83.8% of 4G availability in Q2 2022 compared to Airtel’s 77.9%.


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