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Just In: Death Toll Hits 58 as Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases rise to 1932



The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) announced on Thursday that 204 new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), the country’s pandemic outbreak, were confirmed by the government.

According to their tweet, the statistics and statements are;’ 204 new cases identified from #COVID19;

80-Kano 45-Lagos 12-Gombe 9-Bauchi 9-Sokoto 7-Borno 7-Edo 6-Rivers 6-Ogun 4-FCT 4-Akwa Ibom 4-Bayelsa 3-Kaduna 2-Oyo 2-Delta 2-Nasarawa 1-Ondo 1-Kebbi. As at 11:50pm 30th April- 1932 confirmed cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, Discharged: 319, Deaths: 58″

NCDC also added, ‘As at April 30 2020, 34 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Nigeria registered at least one confirmed case from #COVID19 71 percent of all cases from three states.

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