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Jealous Family Dog Mauls Newborn Twin Girls To Death



Newborn twin sisters died in Brazil after their family dog savagely attacked them. The premature twin girls — Anne and Analú — were mauled by the animal to death when their mother, Elaine Novais, left them to talk briefly to a neighbor.

The baby girls died on 23 June, the same day they were supposed to be delivered by cesarean, according to The Sun. But they arrived an early month.

The dog involved in the twin killing is a combination of Labrador and American Foxhound. The animal has been with the family for 5 years, and is generally characterized as docile. When Anne and Analú arrived, however, the dog became jealous after losing love on the part of its parents.

The news suggested the twins’ 29-year-old mother rushed to her bedroom on the day of the incident in Piripá, in northeastern Bahia state, where the 26-day-old babies lie after hearing their scream. She took the dog away from the children after entering the room but the canine had already seriously injured the two’s abdomen.

They were rushed to the hospital, however, doctors said one of the babies died just before they entered the hospital while the other suffered a heart arrest and the medical team was unable to save her.


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