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Iyabo Ojo’s daughter plays an expensive pregnancy prank on her brother



Priscilla Ajoke Ojo, daughter to famous and on display character, Iyabo determined to play a silly prank on her brother and his response is worthwhile.

The brand influencer has days in the past introduced that she would drop a video on her Youtube channel the place she pranked her brother that she used to be pregnant and today she kept to her words by dropping the video.

The video alternatively became out to be a humorous one to watch as her brother’s response and reaction was the principal speaking point.

In the video, whilst she was once putting up the digital camera in her room, she revealed she was about to prank her brother about being pregnant.

Sooner she went to call her brother into her room and narrated that she was once pregnant. Her brother from the start did now not take it serious as he went on laughing about the entire issue his junior sister was saying.

Priscilla first off instructed her brother Festus to promise now not to inform their mummy which is Iyabo about what she is about to say and he responded what is it about.

Priscilla went on to say she missed her period. Festus performed innocent and acted he did now not undertsand what she was saying.

Priscilla similarly went on to say ‘so you imply you do not undertsand what i am saying’ he acted he didn’t, Then Prsicilla broke the ice and siad “I’m pregnant” he laughed it off and felt her sister was once joking.

Meanwhile, Priscilla endured to act that she was once no longer joking about it and used to be real, her brother wondered her and requested for the test end which she could no longer provide however remained her stand that she was once pregnant.

Then she faked a cry that she used to be actual and her brother need to agree with and alas! he did as he rapidly answered “Are you mad?”.

She went on her knees to plead, her brother tried to put off his slipper from his feet to hit her however he later reversed the move.

But later on she revealed it used to be a prank.

See screenshot below:

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