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Iyabo Ojo despises her daughter’s rumoured relationship with Kiss Daniel.



Actress Iyabo Ojo, businesswoman, and single mother of two, has reacted angrily to reports of her daughter Priscilla’s relationship with singer Kizz Daniel.

Iyabo Ojo despises her daughter's rumored relationship with Kiss Daniel.

Iyabo Ojo despises her daughter’s rumoured relationship with Kiss Daniel.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla, who was on vacation in Dubai, had flown in to join Kizz Daniel in the UK.

Cutie Julls, a blogger, claimed that Priscilla drove Kizz Daniel to his Manchester show in his Bentley.

“Kizz Daniel got in on Tuesday, and Priscilla flew in from Dubai. Went to Kizz Daniel’s booked apartment and they’ve been there together since Kizz went to Manchester for his show. Still followed him o. Even on the night of Kizz Daniel’s show, Priscilla came in the Bentley with Kizz Daniel. In the morning was a very beautiful good morning greeting by Priscilla from Kizz’s balcony” the blogger claimed.

Now responding to reports via a comment section, Iyabo Ojo wrote: “Whoever wrote & sent this post oni fi owo yen se owun re re mo….. ogun i la ra lo ma ba ti e je……..shonponu lo mo pa e wo ati iyalaya e pelu baba nla baba e danu, ogun la fi e je re we, gbogbo awon ti won ba fe gbe ogun ti awon omo temi, Iyabo Ojo …………………….. e ma so fo e mi danu, ase gun …. e kere si number wa ….. elo po si wa eti po to”

The following is the English translation:


“You won’t use your hands to do good things. The god of thunder will destroy you. May the gods kill you and your generations; god of iron will bath with your blood, to everyone that wants to wage war against my children, Iyabo Ojo….. May you be amongst the losers, amen to that. You are no match for me, go back and get reinforcements.”

Recall: Iyabo Ojo got into a heated argument with an online troll after she and her daughter Priscilla were called prostitutes.

This came after Iyabo Ojo took to social media to congratulate her 21-year-old daughter on spending millions of dollars on a new car.

A troll stormed the comment section, calling Iyabo Ojo and her daughter prostitutes among the congratulatory messages from fans and colleagues.

In response to the troll, Iyabo hurled insults at her, claiming she’s a prostitute like his mother, the cheapest and biggest prostitute.


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