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Independence: APC warns against polarizing behavior.



The All Progressives Congress (APC) has warned Nigerians against engaging in divisive and diverting behaviour that prevents the nation from experiencing healthy growth.

Independence: APC warns against polarizing behavior.

Independence: APC warns against polarizing behavior.

Chief Rufus Bature, the of the Chapter, issued a warning in a statement commemorating the country’s independence day that was available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Jos and signed by Mr. Sylvanus Namang, the APC State Publicity Secretary.

The 62nd anniversary of Nigeria’s independence, according to Bature, is a time for somber reflection on the country’s path to independence.


The said that everyone has a part to play in moving Nigeria toward its intended future and that the initiative is still in process.

“No doubt, as is the case with all emerging democracies, there are bound to be challenges just we are presently facing.

“Nigerians must remain strong, resolute and hopeful instead of allowing the situation to overwhelm us.

“As the electioneering campaigns for the 2023 general elections commence, we should ensure that we do so devoid of rancour or bitterness which often tear us apart,” he added.

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