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I am always getting death threats from criminals – NDLEA Boss Marwa



Mohammed Buba Marwa, the Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), stated that he is often threatened with death by drug lords and other criminals.

Speaking with State House correspondents after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja on Friday, Marwa said the death threats will not dampen his morale in getting rid of illicit drugs in the country.

The NDLEA boss stated drugs worth over N100 billion had been seized by the agency since he assumed office, adding that more seizures are being made.

I am always getting death threats from criminals - NDLEA Boss Marwa

I am always getting death threats from criminals – NDLEA Boss Marwa

The former Lagos military governor added that cash recovered from raids has been deposited with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Marwa stated that 1,630 drug traffickers have been jailed, while 4,000 offenders have been counseled and rehabilitated within our NDLEA facilities.

He said: “As far as activities in the drug supply reduction sphere are concerned, we have seized drugs worth billions of naira — over N100 billion. The cash has been sent to the Central Bank and for the drugs, we have sought forfeiture from the courts for destruction.

Since January, we have jailed 1,630 of these shameless criminals and murderers who traffic drugs. We have counseled and rehabilitated over 4,000 within our NDLEA facilities.

“The issues of the war against drug abuse cascade down to communities. So, I briefed the president on the advocacy work that we’re doing across the country.’’

Speaking further, Marwa berated members of the National Assembly planning to legalize cannabis in the country, saying that the substance has destroyed a lot of lives across the country.

He added: “So, while we appreciate those who want to localise it for financial gains, we have to be careful to reconcile it with life. So it’s money versus life. And up to this point, science has not developed up to the point where it can remove the THC in cannabis to zero.

“Therefore, cannabis is harmful to our health; it is a danger to society. We must never allow its legalisation. What’s more, Nigeria has 10.6 million cannabis users; this is the highest in the world. Isn’t it sad?

“We can never support legalisation and I don’t see how the national assembly would pass the act because I know 90% or more of the honorable and distinguished members of the national assembly know the implications of this legalisation.

“They dare not go back to their constituencies if anyone signs legalisation because we’re seeing the implication on the ground. The youths, the families are being destroyed because of cannabis and drugs. It wouldn’t be legalized by the grace of God.”


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