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How to shower and bathe properly



We know you’ve been bathing for years as an adult, but have you been bathing properly?

You might think you have been bathing properly but you are wrong. For instance, do you know that it is not necessary for you to bathe every day, especially in extremely cold weather because bathing every day strips your skin of some essential moisture?

Here is how to shower and bathe properly;

We know you thought you could use your mesh sponge or loofahs for many years but nope! You are to dispose of them after at least two months.

You are constantly using it to wash the dirt off your body and it gets filthy. You can use the same sponge for years.

Even though a hot water shower can feel good and calming, it will make your skin dry. Hot water can also lead to psoriasis and eczema. It’s much better to use lukewarm water.

Except it is the bottom of your feet, do not use a hard brush for your skin or scrub it too hard, always use a soft sponge.

After bathing, make sure you rinse your sponge and leave it out to dry. This is so important. You don’t want to be bathing but still have dirt accumulating on your skin.


Many Nigerians think an exfoliating glove is the same thing as a bathing sponge, but they cannot be farther from the truth.

You are supposed to use an exfoliating sponge for exfoliating your skin once or twice a week and not every single day. Over-exfoliating your skin will leave it dry and flaky and prone to infection.


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