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How Petrol Smugglers Shot Custom Officers In …



Custom Area Controller in charge of Badagry region, Zone A, Deputy Comptroller Hussein Ejibunu, has stated that suspected smugglers attempting to transport 81,425 liters of Petroleum Motor Spirit (petrol) shot at his officers.

How Petrol Smugglers Shot Custom Officers In ...

How Petrol Smugglers Shot Custom Officers In …

According to him, the PMS was kept in jerry cans and sacks, noting that the smugglers used dane guns to attack the officers.

He claimed that the confiscation were the result of the unit’s officers’ rigorous diligence and tenacity in executing their objective of protecting the country’s economy.

He labeled those who smuggle fuel over borders as saboteurs who must be stopped because they don’t have the country’s best interests at heart.

Further, Ejibunu bemoaned the fact that the Federal Government had spent a sizable sum of money on fuel subsidies for Nigerians, only for a small number of people to be smuggling the subsidies out of the country for their own personal gain.

In his words, ““When my men got there at exactly 13.30hrs, we were shot at with dane guns. And you know that there is a difference between dane guns, pump action guns and assault rifles like AK47.

“They fired their dane guns a few times and ran away, and since it was their terrain, they knew all the nooks and crannies to use for escape. We took possession because I moved in with 18 Hilux vehicles loaded with officers who were armed to the teeth, because I was ready and knew what could come up.

“The seizure is a result of serious intelligence. We have been monitoring them since last week, and the information came to me that some people are using sacks to smuggle petroleum products out of Nigeria.

“We put a tab on them and their cup became full. What baffled me is the manner of loading, which I consider highly ingenious.”


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