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How My Husband Made Me Discover I Was Pregnant – Regina Daniels



Actress Regina Daniel has revealed how her husband made her know she was pregnant when she received a baby boy a few days ago.

The actress said that when her husband said he could “perceive a pregnant woman,” she became aware of her status.

“I was overwhelmed the first time I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t able to explain the feeling, “said Regina Daniels.

“Although my husband was already saying at first, oh he can see a pregnant woman and I was like, ha, kwa?

It was revealed by Regina Daniels in a documentary about her pregnancy in which her husband Ned Nwoko revealed that he has the ability to detect a pregnant woman from afar.

Ned Nwoko on his own part said: “I told her that she was pregnant. She didn’t believe me. I could smell a pregnant woman from 2 miles away.


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