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Health benefits of Sago worms



Sago worms, also known as edible worms, are the larva of the red palm beetle that can be found in palm trees or coconut trees and are incredibly delicious. While some appreciate this delicacy, which has numerous health benefits, others are skeptical; after all, they are worms.

If you are in this category, here are five interesting health benefits of Sago worms that might change your mind.

Eating Sago worms can help reduce the risk of having flatulence and constipation as it promotes digestion. This is because Sago worms contain fiber which boosts metabolism.

Eating Sago worms is a great way to add protein to your diet. This delicacy contain high protein content as well as almost all the amino acids needed by the body system for normal functioning.

With Sago worms, you also get a food that can help regulate blood sugar which makes it great for with diabetes.

Sago worms also have antimicrobial properties. These edible worms can help your body fight against some caused by microorganisms. In addition, Sago worms are said to be rich in Iron and Zinc.


Aside from fighting infections, Sago worms contain lots of fatty acids such as linoleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid which are used to produce drugs.

Another important nutrient in Sago worms are minerals like and magnesium. These are important for teeth and bone health and helps to make them stronger.

Aside from these health benefits that Sago worms offer, it is actually quite a delicacy that can be enjoyed roasted or even used to make fried rice.



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