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“Heal a single COVID-19 patient and earn 1000 dollars” – Witches group tells Apostle Suleman



The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) has challenged Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries, Auchi, Edo State, to heal all people with a tested case of COVID-19 and get a thousand US dollars from the group.

Recall that AFAW had on Sunday attacked Suleman for demanding that authorities need to enable pastors into isolation facilities to pray and heal COVID-19 patients.

The team stays saddened with the aid of Suleman’s message to the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, to enable pastors to heal COVID-19 patients.

In an article made on hand to LIVE NEWS NIGERIA by way of the founder of the Nigerian Humanist Movement, Leo Igwe, on Tuesday, the crew it is difficult Suleman to heal, now not two or three persons, no longer ten or fifteen sufferers however simply one individual with the viral infection.

He added, “I am difficult the founder of Omega Ministries, Apostle Suleman to display his so-called present of restoration below agreed clinical and scientific conditions.
“I ask Suleman to heal a character with a tested case of COVID-19 and get a thousand US dollars. This assignment has come to be integral due to the fact Apostle Suleman has in a latest video, advised the authorities of Nigeria to enable him and different pastors with the present of recovery into the isolation facilities so that they ought to pray and heal these who have been contaminated by means of the virus.

“This request need to now not go unattended. Suleman especially stated that the talented pastors ought to heal 18 out of 20 COVID-19 patients. This is a sensible number. Isn’t it?

“And in a current tweet, Apostle Suleman affirmed that (his) God was greater than the Coronavirus. This assignment is for Suleman to heal, now not two or 3 persons, no longer 10 or 15 sufferers however one individual with a viral infection.

“For too long, humans from quite a number spiritual traditions have claimed to have the potential to heal all types of diseases, which includes malaria, diabetes, hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS. Self-acclaimed godmen and ladies have prepared healing/prayer periods the place they supposedly received rid of ailments via belief and prayers.

This ability, if tested to be effective, ought to be an widespread useful resource at a time like this when the world is making an attempt to comprise a vicious pandemic, that is ravaging many components of the world.

“Incidentally, belief recovery in Africa has mostly been taken for granted. Faith recovery claims have long past unchallenged and untested. There has no longer been any most important effort to preserve African belief healers to account or get them to brazenly and publicly exhibit the efficiency and efficacy of their recuperation propositions below scientific trying out conditions.

The outbreak of COVID-19 gives an adequate possibility to comprehend this to take a look at and verify the much-avowed recuperation items and skills of pastors.

“So I hereby mission Apostle Suleman to show that he can heal COVID-19 sufferers through prayer. Apostle Suleman will get one thousand US dollars for any confirmed case of trust recuperation of a COVID-19 affected beneath agreed scientific conditions.

“Suleman need to agree to pray for a COVID-19 affected from anyplace he is given that going into the isolation facilities barring face masks and non-public protecting gear is now not medically accepted and would violate current legal guidelines and regulations.

“After all, Jesus carried out miracles at a distance (John 4: 46-54). Didn’t he? And also, the Bible enjoins believers to pray in secret, and that the prayers would be answered (Matthew 6:6).

“So it is now not essential for Apostle Suleman or any proficient pastor to get into the isolation facilities earlier than they should pray and heal any COVID-19 patient.

“Besides, Suleman have to think about this a standing challenge, which he should receive after the vaccine has been found and guidelines on managing COVID-19 contamination have been relaxed.

“Otherwise, I project Apostle Suleman to heal an HIV/AIDS affected person through prayer and take home a thousand US dollars.

“HIV is any other viral contamination that is killing many humans in Nigeria and throughout the world. Apostle Suleman need to use this window to display underneath scientific and scientific stipulations his supernatural gift of healing.

“He ought to exhibit Nigerians and the relaxation of the world that his God is genuinely greater than a virus, whether or not it is COVID-19 or HIV. I hope that Apostle Suleman or any different proficient pastor accepts this project and seizes this possibility to reveal the efficiency and efficacy of trust healing.”


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