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Google Drive’s web version upgraded for offline viewing



Google announced over the weekend that the web version of Google Drive has been upgraded, allowing users to save all file types, including PDFs, pictures, and Microsoft Office documents, for offline viewing.

The company said the new upgrade will allow everyone to mark all file types accessible even without an internet connection.

Previously, only Google files including Docs, Sheets, and Slides could be made available to access offline but the new capability is user-friendly for people who regularly travel to areas where internet connections can get fluctuating.

Google Drive's web version upgraded for offline viewing

Google Drive’s web version upgraded for offline viewing

To turn on offline support for a certain file, you can simply right-click on an item in your Drive and then toggle the “available offline” option in the menu. You can then open those files using the compatible apps installed on your PC through Drive’s web-based portal.

As part of this update, Chrome OS users can now choose the Docs, Sheets, and Slides files they want to make accessible offline through the Files app on some of the best Chromebooks. This means they won’t have to open Drive or Docs to mark these files for offline viewing.

The upgrade is available to all Drive users who use either a personal or business account. Google has begun rolling out the new capability, and it should arrive for everyone by September 14. However, in an office setup, admins need to manually enable offline access for their domain.


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