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Foods that cause erectile dysfunction in men



Erectile dysfunction is a major issue for men, affecting them both psychologically and physically. Did you know that certain foods men eat can affect their ability to have and maintain erections?

Foods that cause erectile dysfunction in men

Foods that cause erectile dysfunction in men

Here are foods that cause erectile dysfunction in men:

Especially commercially fried foods like yam, akara, potatoes, meat and so on. The only used in frying these foods are hydrogenated oils that are high in trans fat and this causes heart issues that affect the penile heart.

This includes products gotten from like milk and cheese. Dairy causes arterial blockage which affects the flow of blood to the penis, heart and even brain. The unnatural food and medicine fed to cows find themselves in their products we consume and that has been known to affect the prostate.


Eating a lot of cow meat is also a very bad idea because it causes arterial damage and heart disease. Your heart directly affects your penis health. The inability to get and sustain an erection is early sign of heart problems. Other sources of protein like chicken and fish are better than red meat.

Excess consumption can cause erectile dysfunction because it reduces sexual desire and makes men unable to get an erection. The best kind of alcohol that acts like an aphrodisiac is red wine.



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