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Flight Resumption: FAAN Announces New Approach On Plane Departure



Captain Rabiu Yadudu, Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, has announced that two flights will not be allowed to fly from the same terminal within the same time period.

Yadudu said during the weekend, while addressing newsmen, that a new approach was to ensure safety in the sector , especially with the country’s current -19 pandemic.

He added, however, that the method is not going to disrupt the schedules of airlines but to ensure total safety.

According to him, FAAN had told the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, of their proposal, which he said would restrict multiple departures.

Captain Yadudu stressed: “We have already told NCAA of plans to space the flights. No two airlines will depart at the same time from our airports.

“The spacing is not to make things difficult for the airline operators, but to protect their staff and other users of our airports.”

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