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Everything you need to know about BBNaija auditioning Season 7.



The Big Brother Nigeria reality show’s new season has begun, with organizers confirming auditions this week.

Everything you need to know about BBNaija auditioning Season 7.

Everything you need to know about BBNaija auditioning Season 7.

A lot has changed in the reality show’s auditioning style since the pandemic. Non-strangers will recall that BBNaija held physical auditions in major Nigerian cities, which drew a large crowd.

In order to reduce the spread of Covid, organizers sought non-physical processes that have been shown to be equally effective.

Here’s everything you need to know about applying for season seven

1. The deadline for auditions is May 30.

If you are considering participating in BBNaija season seven, then procrastination isn’t your best friend. This year’s auditions will last for two weeks.

Last year, organisers introduced early auditions exclusive to DSTV and GOTV users before the general auditions. It’s unclear if this year will follow that route especially as general auditions have already been announced.
2. How to Apply

Interested participants are expected to record a three-minute video sharing:

– Who you are

– Unique things about you

– Your favourite things

– Likes and Dislikes

– Briefly talk about your family and close friends

– The neighbourhood you grew up in and how this has shaped you

The video should be uploaded to the BBNAIJA auditions website


3. Relevant Information(Terms and conditions)

Reading Terms and Conditions can be a pain. For one, they are lengthy and require time to read through carefully. But, It’s very important to get it out of the way especially if your data is being collected.

Thankfully, the T&Cs for the BBNaija auditions are easy to read.

Some of the Conditions include:

– Participants can’t be younger than 21 by June 1, 2022

– Participants must be Nigerians or permanent residents of the country by June 1, 2022

– Participants must be in perfect health (physical and mental) as you will be required to show medical records. Eligible participants will undergo medical checks.

– The next stage will be a video interview conducted by the organisers.

Carefully read the T&C before uploading your video.

Other details required from applicants include details of Next of Kin, Contact numbers among others.

4. Application Fee

BBNaija organisers insist application is free. At no point will participants be expected to pay to be eligible.



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