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Drinks pregnant women must avoid



A pregnant woman is in a perilous position. She needs to eat and drink not just for herself, but also for her child.

One of the worst things for a pregnant woman to do is to drink anything that can harm her baby unknowingly.

Drinks pregnant women must avoid

Drinks pregnant women must avoid

Here are some drinks pregnant women must avoid:

Zobo is a common refreshment made from dried hibiscus leaves.

It can lead to an untimely termination of pregnancy because it affects estrogen production and induces menstruation.

It can also cause the baby to be born with various complications.

Even one sip of alcohol can cause abnormalities in the baby’s development. Stay clear of all alcoholic drinks.

Although you can take a little soda, some researchers have linked the caffeine in soda with miscarriages. Although, the actual effect of soda on unborn babies is unclear.

These are herbal concoctions hawked about to cure diarrhea. They contain many toxic chemicals that can cause abortion.

Green tea is one of those drinks that stands halfway between good and bad because of its caffeine content. Ask your doctor for a caffeine limit and be careful not to exceed it.

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